Heavens Have Strayed group shot outlined.

Heavens Have Strayed is a heavy, progressive melodic rock band driven by a wide range of music throughout metal, rock, punk & grunge genres. Growing up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, official practicing began in early 2006, as they developed into a quartet that summer. Known as Let Down until November 2007, a following was quickly established through live performances in the Midwest.

Their EP, Alluvia, was recorded from July through November 2007 at Gravity Studios & The House in Chicago by audio mastermind, George Balogi. Mastered in February 2008, and after some time perfecting artwork (of which the band, themselves created), Alluvia was released July 1, 2008 followed by a small tour in support of the album.

In September 2008, drummer TJ was replaced by Jon Stevens, due to musical differences, and to shadow the more progressive, evil direction the band had taken. With this direction, Alluvia seems as a distant reminder of initial progress, as the band's new material has an aggressive, prog-metal manner with songs of epic proportions. The band is planning on recording two new tracks late March with George Balogi, determined to re-attain momentum and deliver their clever songwriting and live performance to all!

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