Recording: Done4.29.9

Well, I planned on reporting back every day of recording, but we just got too damn busy. It did take quite a bit longer than expected, but we are satisfied with our result. Our next step (and goal) is to send out our two new tracks to a few record companies, in hopes for fundage toward a full length recording...and beyond! Check out the new tracks in our Audio section and come join us for a great night next Saturday at the Clearwater Theater!


Recording: Day 63.22.9

Hanging out at the house again today working on Dan's guitar tracking. Heavens is done and we are now working on "Violent Night". Today and Tuesday we should be finishing up the guitars and beginning vocal tracking.


Recording: Days 4-53.18.9

Progress is stirring...

On Monday night and Tuesday morning, bass was tracked. We worked on "Heavens" for all of Tuesday, starting with bass, then getting tones for guitars and tracking. Today was spent mainly on getting better guitar tones overall, with clutch mic placement. We'll finish up some guitar tonight, then commence on Sunday.


Recording: Days 1-33.16.9

Saturday was spent at IV Lab Studios in Chicago, tuning, toning, and tracking the sickest drums to the two new songs. Yesterday was spent at The House with George masterfully editing the drums, as well as working out amp tones for the guitars. Today, we will complete drum editing and start tracking some large strings.

We're running out of booze. Please send help!

-Matt & Jim


After some time away, working on new material, we will be getting together with our good friends in Replica Republic at Cal's Liquors for a very special show. Lots of new material to be heard and good times to be had. Later in March, we will be recording two of our new songs, which will be available online shortly thereafter. Future plans also include organizing a summer tour. Hope to see you out there!

Jon Stevens9.19.8

We'd like to introduce Jon Stevens as our new drummer. We've parted ways with TJ due to musical differences and wish him well in his future endeavors. Jon has a very aggressive drumming background, spanning from his early days in various school bands to his current obsession, studying the darkest and most brutal metal bands out there. The progressive nature of the band is very well supported by Jon's stlye and precision.

Alluvia released!!7.1.8

Alluvia is officially released to the public! Copies are available at live shows as well as cdbaby, itunes, & digstation. Tour dates to come...


The long awaited debut, Alluvia, will be available in early July. In support, the superfans and us will be raiding cities all around you, destorying ideologies and all prior thoughts of security! The music will soon be downloadable on cdbaby and itunes, and t-shirts will be available at the live performances.

Alluvia Album Cover Art
Upcoming Shows Title

5.9.9 Clearwater Theater

Summer Tour...


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